BE Aware


The facts about money might surprise you. That’s because society is really good at sending mixed messages. In this lesson, you’ll tackle some of the biggest myths about money. You’ll discover what God has to say about money and what it means to grow up and take care of yourself financially.


We’ll trade fiction for fact and myths for truth-learning to be aware so we can be a blessing.

In Student Workbook

Review these blanks with students

  • If you want to be on your way at 25, you’ve got to be proactive right now.
  • The media starting salary for a new college graduate is $27,000.
  • budget tells your money what to do.
  • It is the Christian’s moral and spiritual duty to take dominion over money.
  • Everyone has something to give!

Something to Remember

  1. If you tell a myth long enough and loud enough people will believe it’s true.
  2. Learn how to handle money today and you’ll be better prepared for the future.
  3. You can use your money, time, and abilities to bless others today!


The median household income is about $50,000. -U.S. Census Bureau

SOMETHING TO LEARN (Student Workbook)

PREDICTING THE FUTURE – Read the following statements below and guess what goes in the blanks.

  • When asked how much they thought they would earn in their first job after college graduation, teens said $73,000.
  • The actual median income for new college graduates is $27,000.
  • When asked how much they thought they would make after settling into a career, teens said $150,000.
  • The actual median household income in America is $50,000.

  • SOMETHING TO LEARN (Student Workbook)

Some people give time, some money, some their skills and connections, some literally give their life’s blood. But everyone has something to give. -Barbara Bush

After reading the Barbara Bush quote, how have your ideas about giving changed?


Aside from money, what do you have to give?


  • Think about the five myths exposed in this lesson. Which one influences you the most? Why?
  • In what ways can a budget free you to do things you couldn’t do otherwise?
  • What are some things that might discourage you from creating a budget every month? How can you overcome those obstacles?
  • How does giving fit into your life?
  • Why do you think God cares so much about our money and how we use it?