Collective Night

Collective Night is a once-a-month worship gathering for students in Junior High, High School, and College.

All students from all groups and campuses come together every 2nd Wednesday of the month to meet new people, experience incredible worship, and hear a message that will start the conversation for Groups that month.

Everyone comes together at our Malbis Campus, and there is a ride from your campus you can catch at 6pm. The doors open at 6:30pm and rides to other campuses are back by 9pm.

February 14

How do I get there?
Meet at your campus at 6p to catch a ride to Malbis. You are back by 9p. Contact your Group Leader or your campus Youth Director for details on catching a ride.

What do I wear? Your favorite clothes to go out in! Dress how you would to go to the movies with your friends, or put on the “comfort sweats” if that’s more your thing.

What will we do while we are there? These nights consist of worship, community, and a message. The band will lead us in worship, we will have a message, and after, we throw some great after parties.

What should I bring with me? Bring your phone to take some notes during the message and snap a few photos and videos for Instagram or Snapchat while you’re here too. You can also bring some money for Common Grounds to get your caffeine fix.

Questions? Just Ask!

Or give us a call.
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