Common Christianity


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Have you ever been on a diet that you constantly cheated on? Or maybe committed to a team that you couldn’t make all the practices? Did you feel guilty?

There are things that we commit to in life that we know that we cannot do. In the end we feel guilty about not being able to do the things that we want to do or that we should do. When it comes to our relationship with Christ, often times we know the things that we should do, but choose to do the opposite. That can lead to feeling guilty when we go to group or to church. But choosing the life the Christ has for us can lead to you feeling fulfilled throughout the week and not feeling guilty walking into group.


1 PETER 2:11Dear friends, I urge you, as foreigners and exiles, to abstain from sinful desires, which wage war against your soul.

Why do we sometimes live one foot in and one foot out of our relationship with Christ?

Sometimes we get lost in moments. When we are at group we know that what God has for us is best, but we are drawn to “sinful desires” when we are outside of group. This leads to feeling guilty when we walk into group, and not being able to have temporary happiness through the things of this world.


Why do we choose to feel guilty instead of making the decisions to change our lifestyle?

You have to choose the lifestyle of an uncommon Christian. That is a commitment that you follow through with on a daily basis, not just on a night of group. When you commit to that kind of lifestyle and follow through with it, Jesus offers a fully alive life free of guilt.