DO Your Part


Giving is an expression of love. But it’s more than that too. In this lesson, you’ll see that budgeting and saving are only a small part of handling money. We’ll discuss how giving-of your time, money, and abilities-brings the greatest reward. And no matter where you are in life, you really can do your part.

In Student Workbook

Review these blanks with students

  • ACTION is what separated the Good Samaritan from the priest and Levite.
  • TITHING should be the very first thing you do with your money.
  • If we love people, then GIVING should be a natural byproduct of that love.
  • Think about what you LOVE to do and how it could BLESS someone else.
  • Start SMALL, start TODAY, and you never know what might happened!
  • We have the opportunity to serve CHRIST with every person we meet.

Something to Remember

  1. God owns everything! We’re just the managers of all that He’s given to us.
  2. Giving changes people. It can even change the person who gives!
  3. You can give your time, money, and abilities RIGHT NOW!


“SECRET SANTA” Larry Stewart anonymously handed out more than $1.3 million in cash over 27 years while dressed as Santa Claus. -USA TODAY

SOMETHING TO LEARN (Student Workbook)

GIVE WHAT YOU’VE GOT – List a few things that you really enjoy doing. Then, list some ways you can use those interests as a way to minister to others.

  1. I enjoy __________________. I can use this opportunity to ______________________________.
  2. I enjoy __________________. I can use this opportunity to ______________________________.
  3. I enjoy __________________. I can use this opportunity to ______________________________.


  • Tyler mentioned we needed to start looking for “interruptions” that lead to giving. What can you do to become more sensitive to those opportunities?
  • Are you tithing to your local “storehouse” these days? What tempts you to put other things ahead of tithing when you create your budget?
  • How does giving make you feel? How has giving your time, talents, or money changed something about your life?
  • What surprised you most a bout the “Give What You’ve Got” exercise? How can you start giving your time and talents for others right now?