GO Debt Free


Going into debt is dumb. It is also completely normal – almost everyone is doing it. This lesson defies everything the culture of debt tells you. You’ll learn what God has to say about borrowing money and why the “benefits” of debt just don’t add up. All it takes is a decision and determination to go debt free for life.

In Student Workbook

Review these blanks with students

  • The median starting salary for a college graduate is $27,000 a year.
  • People in DEBT are constantly looking down, stressed, and focused on the bills.
  • Becoming and staying DEBT FREE is the number-one key to building wealth.
  • Young adults are the number-one TARGET of credit card companies.
  • New cars lose 25% of their value the second you drive them off the lot.
  • You can be a student WITHOUT a student loan!

Something to Remember

  1. Debt is owing anything to anyone for any reason!
  2. Borrowing money makes you a slave to payments.
  3. If you’ll follow God’s way of handling money, you can really live a debt-free life!


Nearly 60% of new college students max out their first credit card by the end of their freshman year. – HIGHER ONE

SOMETHING TO LEARN (Student Workbook)

Take a look at the list of words below. In the space provided, write what you think would be the opposite of that word (example: sink-swim). Have fun with it and try and come up with the best word possible

Run                    __________

Love                    __________

Spend                    __________

Give                    __________

Sit                    __________

Hurt                    __________

QUESTION: What is the opposite of “conform”? Why?

LEADERS! These answers do not have to be about money. You can hone in a direct your conversations with whatever answers your student gives you.


  • What dreams do you have for the future? How could debt hold you back from living those dreams?
  • How would you respond to someone who offers you a free T-shirt or burrito just for signing up to get a credit card? Why?
  • How do you feel about the idea of working during your college years to help pay for your education?
  • Do you really believe you can live debt free? Why or why not?