The Clearing pt 2


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Do you react differently to different things you like and don’t like? What are some things you react really positively to? What are some things you react negatively to?

Your response to Christ is your worship. You have total control in how much you give during worship or how little you give. When you are responding in worship with your spirit and in truth, you are giving God your all in worship.


What are somethings that we may worship and we don’t realize it?

Sports, school, our phones, friends, relationships..


What does it mean to worship in spirit?

Worshipping in spirit is the opposite of our outward worship, it happens inside of you. This kind of worship happens when God has transformed your heart. Before God is expecting the outward response from you, He wants you to respond inwardly, in spirit. 


What does it mean to worship in truth?

This means that worship is not just about your emotions. This is worship that you believe and know beyond a shadow of a doubt. Your response is not because of a certain song or a certain day of the week that you are walking into church, your response is to your God who created you and gave you this day. When we worship in spirit and in truth, we are worshiping with our heart and with our mind.


Why does God want our worship to be in spirit and in truth?

God is not concerned with us responding because we feel good. God is looking for genuine authentic worship. When we don’t believe our worship with our heart and with our mind, it is not the worship that God wants. When we worship with our emotions, it is just about a moment, not about a lifestyle.


How can you worship God better than you currently are?